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Why Learn The 5 Principles

We sense that there is something profound for us in this thousand year old practice. But like a deck of playing cards that is missing is few cards, this popular practice never resolves into "shanti" or peace as it promises.

In yoga practice we concentrate on the body, the breath and the mind. Our senses are included as part of the mind. Although it theoretically appears possible for body, breath and mind to work independently of one another, the purpose of yoga is to unity their actions.

It is primarily the physical aspect of the practice that people see as yoga today. They will rarely notice how we breath, how we feel the breath and how we coordinate our breathing with our physical movement. Most only tend to see our flexibility and suppleness. We want to know how many asanas or postures we have mastered or how many minutes we can stay in headstand.

Much more important than these outer manifestations is the way we feel and the breath. The principles that follow are ages old, developed by many generations of great yoga teachers. These principles describe in detail the asanas and the breath and, above all, how they relate to each other.

When these principles are included in the yoga practices you do, then your practice will truly become entirely your own: efficient, powerful and safe.

It becomes your direct participation in the Power and Peace that is Life itself.

This Course Is For Everyone

Whether you are young, older, male, female, regardless of race or social condition. Have an established yoga practice or are brand new to yoga.

This course is for you!

If you have an established practice, the 5 principles were likely not taught to you or may have been misunderstood, misinterpreted or you did not receive the entire teaching. Learning these principles will bring your yoga to life!

If you are brand new to yoga, you are in the perfect place to begin. This course will not only take you through the 5 principles, but you will also learn simple easy to do yoga posture practice that you can do each day!

Discover the full blown wonder of life. Discover that which is already within you as you NOW!

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