What is a Yoga Teacher?

Being a yoga teacher comes with a lot of responsibility, apart from just teaching the poses. Becoming a teacher is a life-transforming and astounding resolution that enables you to bestow the treasure of the ancient art of yoga to others.
A “Yoga Teacher” is someone who is responsible for spreading yogic wisdom, and also for making sure that the student is well taken care of, that they are doing a yoga practice which is suited for their level of fitness and flexibility and also for their own cultural & spiritual upbringing.
Becoming a certified yoga instructor and participating in a Yoga Teacher Training Program is the first step. However, your yoga training doesn't end there. Most teacher training programs are not a compete education. This is not the fault of the training program. It is literally impossible to absorb and embody all that is necessary to be a great teacher in a 200 hour yoga training course.
Yoga itself is not only a physical practice, but a lifestyle lived off the mat as well. For many students, connecting with a teacher is the necessary medium to get introduced to this kind of life. This becomes your responsibility! To teach yoga successfully in this way, teachers must develop a healthy, well balanced lifestyle, have a steady inner & outer life and be a stable, kind and compassionate human being. A teacher should be self confident but not over confident, and having discovered the power and peace in one's own life, you will become qualified to be a great transmitter of yoga!

Top Things Every Yoga Teacher Should Know

-How to Keep Yourself in Balance
-Know how to demonstrate and explain using clear and simple verbal cues
-How to design your class around your students
-Understand and embody the 7 Principles of Hatha Yoga
-Know, Chant & Understand the 5 Basic Mantras every teacher should know
-Have a strong, confident and serene voice
-Be fully committed to doing your own daily yoga practice
-Understand the 8 Limbs of Yoga and their relevance in our culture today
-Have a deep understanding of the Tantra Chakra System
-Understand the deep implications of the breath & posture
-Know the significance of the 3 Primary Yoga Techniques
-Live a Yogic Lifestyle on and off the mat

I Am David Shiva Das

Hello and welcome. My name is David Shiva Das. I have practiced and taught yoga since 1995. Having literally led and taught thousands of classes, I have also, along with my partner and wife, Abhi Durga Devi, led many, many teacher training programs, yoga courses and other workshops.
We owned and operated our yoga studio, House of Yoga, for over 15 years.
I have and still continue to study and practice yoga myself.
I have had a good, authentic and sincere yoga education. My teachers have taught me sanskrit mantra, chanting, sacred ritual and many other aspects of the yoga tradition.
Over the years I have witnessed many really good yoga teachers and also an abundance of bad teachers. I have been in the presence of sincere and powerful well known teachers and also have practiced with famous teachers, personalities really with large followings who themselves were not very good teachers.
I have been asked over the years to help teachers brush up on their teaching skills. I have been asked for advice on how to become a good teacher.
Each one of us has a unique ability to help others and to be really great teachers of yoga! I have had the good fortune to study in private with the great teachers of our times.
I have recognized the importance of studying one-on-one with someone that can be a friend and a supporter on this profound path of yoga.
I would like to help YOU to be the best teacher you can be and to assist you to find your own unique voice as an actual teacher of yoga.

A Good Yoga Teacher is Always Deepening Their Understand of The Great Yoga Traditions and Distilling The Teachings to Make Them Relevant for Our Times

Here are just a few suggested areas which we can dive into together

Learn the 5 Mantras Every Yoga Teacher Should Know
Stabilize Your Own Inner & Outer Life
Using Background Music to Enhance the Yogic Experience
Develop Your Own Consistent Daily Yoga Practice
Understand and Embody the 7 Secret Principles of Hatha Yoga Practice
Know the 3 Main Hatha Yoga Techniques and Their Deep Inner Significance
Use Your Voice to Transmit Power & Peace to Your Students
Build Your Confidence as a Teacher of Yoga
Learn to Teach What is Appropriate for Each Student
Transmit the 8 Limbs of Yoga in a way that is relevant for The Student
Develop Your Ability to Induce a Sense of Trust and Confidence from Your Students
Live a Yogic Lifestyle
How to Develop & Lead Effective Workshops
Learn to Help Others to Gain Clarity & Wisdom
Understand How to Teach Others to Live a Good Spiritual Life in Practical and Pragmatic Ways

So Why Would You Need Private Coaching?

Let's face it, a 200 or 500 hour training course is just not enough. There are techniques and deeper teachings that just cannot be taught practically in one or two teacher training programs.
Private one-on-one yoga teacher coaching is a method to help amplify and perhaps clarify what you have already learned. And we can get more in depth that you are able to with a group.
Those that operate teacher training programs must cover quite a bit of information on various topics. Generally, once you're done with your training you are on your own. But I am here to help. I will support you in whatever way I can. Together you will become a confident yoga teacher.
Advanced Yoga Teacher Coaching can be tailored to whatever you feel you need help with or to the area of your interest.
And it is much less expensive than traditional teacher training programs. Together with whatever you have already learned, you will become a great teacher of yoga and at the same time, you will embody the wisdom of yoga in your own life and learn to live a yogic lifestyle.
Our training can be done live in person or via zoom, depending on your location. And as always, your training will come with your own personalize site where you will be able to access additional support material such as audio, video and text specifically created just for you.

What To Do Next

Believe me, there is an overabundance of mediocre and average yoga teachers out there.
If you are ready to become a great yoga teacher and rise above the crowd, if you are ready to make a difference in our society through yoga, if you are ready to make an impact on your community, if you are ready to spread the message of peace, love and compassion to others, if you are ready to be the example of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, NOW is the time to take action!
If you are ready to go or if you feel as if you are curious or you want to explore the possibilities of diving deeper and are serious about not just becoming an average teacher, but want to become a great teacher, your next step is to contact me.
Together we can chat for a bit and discuss what you'd like to accomplish. You can email me HERE.
I also suggest that we have a short zoom chat. It is absolutely free and I will not try to pressure you. We can simply discuss your goals as a yoga teacher.

It has to be a 100% YES on your part.

The greater your commitment, the greater the results will be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Once we have completed our first full session together we cannot refund your purchase

How do I schedule my sessions

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching additional coaching sessions either during the course or afterwards, please contact us to arrange for additional sessions at a discounted rate.