Our Philosophy

Yoga Is Our Direct Participation In Life Itself

In yoga practice we concentrate on the BREATH, the BODY and the MIND. Our senses are included as part of the mind. Although it theoretically appears possible for breath, body and mind to work independently of one another, the purpose of yoga is to

unite their actions and bring harmony to all three.

Today, It is primarily the physical aspect of the practice that people associate wtih yoga. People rarely notice how they breathe, or how the breath influences movement of the body and movement of the mind.

Our AWARENESS of our BREATH and its influence on the

Body and Mind is the Foundation of a sincere yoga practice.

The principles we teach from are ages old, developed by many generations of great yoga teachers. These principles describe in detail the breath and the asanas and, how they relate to each other.

When these principles are included in the yoga practices you do, then your practice will truly become entirely your own:

efficient, powerful and safe.

Discover how to make your yoga become your direct participation in the Power and Peace that is Life itself.

Your Teachers: Abhi & Dave

Real People, Just Like You

We are the founders and caretakers of House Of Yoga, originally founded in 2005 as a brick & mortar yoga studio in Berkley, Mi.

We have been teaching yoga classes since 2002 and are now happy to expand our offerings to the GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

We teach Hatha Yoga based on the principles of Krishnamacharya,

that yoga should be accessible to all.

This is real yoga for real people

Contained within the Virtual Studio you will find:


Streaming Yoga classes:

Level 1: Hatha Yoga, Restorative/Yin

Level 2: Ashtanga/Vinyasa

A LIBRARY of recorded Yoga classes that include:

15 Minute Yoga Asana Practices

60 Minute Yoga Asana Practices


Weekly Inspiraton

Weekly Challenges!

Community Comment Boards


We have studied and practiced with some of the most

knowledgable and authentic national and international

yoga teachers from the source including:

Manju Jois, Mark Whitwell, Godfrey Devereux,

Doug Swenson, Sharonn Gannon and David Life and more.

Our Spiritual & Meditative practices are influenced by our teachers:

Ram Dass, Bhagavan Das and Russill Paul.

We are delighted you have found us.

Our wish is that the teachings here benefit you

and will inspire you to begin your journey to live

a full and wonderful life.

with great love and respect,

Shiva Das + Durga Devi

Join Us for The Journey of Your Lifetime

Our New House of Yoga Virtual Yoga Studio has been refreshed and improved for 2022

Each month you can follow along as we guide you with:

  • Weekly Live Streaming Yoga Classes
  • New Yoga Asana Routines for each month
  • Special "focus of the month " for each month
  • Weekly Words of Inspiration from our teachers
  • Suggested practices to advance your yoga
  • Guided Meditation for each month

Want more from your life? Let us guide you. Now is the time. Each one of us needs someone to gently encourage us to move forward so that we live our lives fully.

Join our virtual yoga studio and become a member of this family of yogis. Get to know us.

It takes a bit of courage to jump in, but once you do, you will see how awesome it is to be in the House of Yoga Community.

Take a Chance!!!

Welcome to House of Yoga Virtual 2022

This is what you will see each month on our Virtual Yoga Studio Portal.

Each month and every week you will be guided with
new teachings, challenges, suggestions, as well as great
recorded and live streamed yoga classes
where the teacher can see and hear you
and can give you personal attention and teachings.
We offer an online community.

Our Online Studio is EASY to USE and Navigate.
New teachings each week.
Our streaming classes have the best audio & video quality.
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What Others are Saying About The 2022 House of Yoga Virtual Yoga Studio

"I love the new format.
The monthly message and weekly
challenge are just what I need .
Thank you so much for creating a
wonderful platform where I can find focus and meaning".


" I LOVE the new content for November and how it is organized and presented".

"Durga Devi, I am so grateful for your guidance through these practices. Always very inspiring"


Welcome to House of Yoga Virtual

The Best Virtual Yoga Studio on the Planet

Each month and every week you will be guided with new teachings, challenges, suggestions as well as great recorded and live streamed yoga classes where the teacher can see and hear you and can give you personal attention. Where you can gather with your community.

Easy to use. Easy to follow along with. New teachings each week.

Best Video & Audio Quality Live Stream Classes Every Week

Our Teachings are True, Authentic & Sincere

Discover Your Power & Peace Here

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1 Month Groupon Membership

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