Welcome to House of Yoga Online

We have created a safe space for everyone to continue, as well as to begin an authentic Yoga Practice.

The practice of Yoga addresses all aspects of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our House of Yoga Virtual Site offerings address all four of these aspects.

We offer Hatha Yoga classes (asana), for a strong and flexible body and mind.

We also have a variety of courses that explore the philosophy of yoga,

mantra (chanting), meditation (mindfulness), as well as energetic and spiritual practices

(chakras: energy centers along the spine, and pranayama: breathing practices to direct energy)


New classes and content are being added every week.

Please explore some of our speciality courses,

each one has a preview video to give you a taste of the teachings within.

Your Teachers: Durga Devi & Shiva Das

Durga Devi & Shiva Das have been teaching yoga classes, leading teacher training programs and workshops on various yogic topics for over 17 years.

They are the directors of House of Yoga, originally based in Berkley, MI. After running a yoga studio for 15 years, they are now taking their teachings from the Lineages of Krishnamacharya (Hatha Yoga)

and Neem Karoli Baba (Bhakti yoga) and expanding beyond walls.

They are also the founding members of the kirtan & yoga music group, Vishnu Blue.

Together Shiva Das and Durga Devi travel and teach and play music and Kirtan at yoga studios, retreat centers and Yoga Festivals across the US and Canada.