Testimonials from our Teachers

Sharon Gannon + David Life
Sharon Gannon + David Life,
founders of the Jivamukti Yoga Method

Durga Devi received blessings from her teachers David and Sharon in the Spring of 2005, after completion of

Jivamukti Teacher Training (300hr).

She was instructed by her teachers

to go out and teach Jivamukt Yoga -

including the 5 Tenets:

• Ahimsa: Compassion
• Bhakti Yoga: Devotion to God
• Nada Yoga: listening / sound
• Shastra: Study of Scriptures
• Dhyana: Meditation

It is with their blessings

and guidance,

that she continues to share

these sincere, authentic

and ancient practices.

Mark Whitwell
What Mark Whitwell,
International Yoga Teacher, says about
Durga Devi & Shiva Das
(Abby + Dave)

"In Detroit and beyond,

Dave and Abby are capital Y capital T -

Yoga Teachers who are able to

empower their students.

They have deep learning and devotion

to the wisdom traditions and to each other in the rare spiritual collaboration of

Yogi and Yogini.

They have gone beyond the mere

gymnastic patterns that has been popularized

as modern Yoga and are able to adapt Yoga

to the individual needs of each student. 

Abiding together in the heart and

the heart of Yoga they understand the deep roots of Yoga and can lead you to the Yoga that is right for you, the Yoga of participation in the power, intelligence and beauty of your own Wonder.

You are the power of the cosmos in perfect and intrinsic harmony with the entire cosmos.

This is a fact not to be ignored. Abby and Dave will give you your Yoga of direct participation in the fact of your own beauty."

Mark Whitwell

Russill Paul
What Russill Paul, Mystic, Mantra + Eastern Philosophy Teacher and Author of The Yoga of Sound,
says about Shiva Das.

"I highly recommend studying with

David Shiva Das.

He is exceptional Yogi and mantra teacher

with DECADES of dedicated study.


his knowledge of Tantra

and his abilities

as a musician and kirtan leader,

add valuable dimensions

to his teaching and practice.

Studying with Shiva Das,

will raise your consciousness,

and increase your knowledge

and understanding of

Yoga, mantra, Tantra, and kirtan."

Russill Paul, author of

The Yoga of Sound

and Jesus in The Lotus

Durga Devi & Shiva Das

Together are yoga teachers and forever students of yoga,

Durga Devi and Shiva Das bring

complementary viewpoints and teachings from their combined

Four Decades of practice and teaching of Yoga.

Both have studied and still study with many great teachers.

Shiva Das continues to study with Russill Paul, Yogi Mystic, Musician and Teacher of Eastern Spirituality and Mantra.

It is with their Teacher's Blessings,

that they continue to offer their students programs that take them into the depths of the magical and mystical, yet practical,

practices of Yoga.

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