In many ways, this great deity of India called as Hanuman, represents us as human beings within the circle of our highest potential. Hanuman is part monkey, part human. But more than just human. Hanuman represents the fullness of our human potential and our Divine nature. Each one of us are also part animal, part human. And buried within us is the desire to be more. Within us is the desire to know and realize the Divine. We have certainly felt it's call, perhaps just as a whisper or perhaps when we have gazed up at the night sky and wondered.........that wondering is also the urge of the soul to be known and to realize the divine. Hanuman is more of us than we know. You see, Hanuman isn't really a god or a deity. Hanuman is the greatest devotee of the divine in the form of Rama.

So come with us on this journey and discover your divine monkey nature. Be soothed by the chants and meditate on the meaning. Tulsi Das wrote the Hanuman Chalisa hundreds of years ago. He was a great sage, mystic, poet and philosopher of India.

The Hanuman Chalisa is song everyday by millions of devotees and there are places in India where it has been sung continually for hundreds of years. The chalisa is a 40 verse poem, devotional song to remind Hanuman who he is. And we can let it also be a reminder of who we are because we are Ha-Nu-Man!!!

Join us now on this ever evolving journey as we discover what can be revealed through meditating upon these beautiful verses and along the way you may just learn to chant it yourself.

What else do you have to do in April? Why not devote yourself to the chalisa now.

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Meet Your Course Presenters

Durga Devi & Shiva Das are the founders of House of Yoga, a small, intimate yoga studio located in Berkley, MI.

They are deeply dedicated to the devotional life of Bhakti Yoga. Together they were initiated into the Hanuman Chalisa and the lineage of Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba through Baba Bhagavan Das. In 2015 they endeavored to do sadhana to learn and embody the Hanuman Chalisa.

Since then they have chanted the Hanauman Chalisa hundreds of times and have led many Hanuman pujas as well Hanuman Jayanti celebrations.

Now they invite you to learn and meditate upon the rich tradition of the Hanuman Chalisa.

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