House of Yoga Live Stream gives you access to a variety of live streaming classes as often as you'd like. The classes are broadcast directly from House of Yoga Studio located in downtown Berkley, Michigan. This course if free for members of our House of Yoga Virtual Studio course and is also available as a separate purchase.

Visit the course curriculum for a current listing of classes being broadcast. Upon enrollment into the course below, you will have access to the links and passwords to each class.

Please know that links and password change on a weekly basis. They cannot be used over again.

We will update the schedule depending upon attendance. Monthly membership is required. Scroll below to register for the course.

If you are a member of House of Yoga Virtual Studio, you will receive a code to register for free.

This course only gives access to live streams. For prerecorded classes that you can utilize as many times as you'd like, plus additional content we recommend our "House of Yoga Virtual Studio" course.

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Jai Ma!

Shiva Das, Durga Devi and HOY teacher, Frank Sinistaj invite you to join us for our awesome live streaming classes.

Our current weekly schedule for June 2020:

Mondays @ 7:30 am Ashtanga with Shiva Das

Wednesdays @ 9:30 pm Hatha Yoga with Dosha Focus, Pranayama + Meditation with Durga Devi

Thursdays @ 8pm The Mystic Circle with Shiva Das

Fridays @ 6:30 pm Restorative + Yin Yoga with Frank

Saturday @ 9am Hatha Yoga with Durga Devi

Sundays @ 9am Jivamukti Lite with Durga Devi

Read more about each class and learn how the streaming classes are offered in the preview introduction in the course content which can be accessed before you purchase the course.

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Basic Membership plus donation to support our studio

Basic plus donation

If you are only interested in live streaming classes but want to make an extra donation to the studio, you can register for this plan. The extra $20 goes directly to helping sustain the studio.


Basic Unlimited Access Streaming Plan

Basic Access to all of our streaming classes

Thank you for registering for our basic subscription. This monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to all of our live streaming classes. To access recordings of the live streams as well as awesome prerecorded high quality yoga classes and other content we recommend our House of Yoga Virtual Studio Course

Shiva Das
Shiva Das, RYT 500

Shiva Das has been teaching yoga for more than 17 years. His passion for Yoga philosophy and bringing this to our own lives, comes through in his teachings.

Join Shiva Das for short form Ashtanga on

Monday mornings @ 7:30 am

Ashtanga is an advanced practice and recommended for those who have an established yoga practice and are in good physical condition.

Durga Devi
Durga Devi, RYT 500 + certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

Durga Devi has been teaching yoga in this lifetime for over 16 years. Her playfulness and passion for the practice is delivered in her teaching.

Join Durga Devi for Hatha Dosha

Wednesdays @ 9:30 am

for her Hatha class that invites you to become acquainted with the constitution of your body and mind and to bring harmony through specific approaches to asana, pranayama and meditation.

All levels.

Frank, RYT 200

Frank is a graduate of House of Yoga's 2018 Teacher Training Program. Frank is a compassionate, kind and gentle soul. Come practice with Frank

Friday nights @ 6:30 pm for a Restorative style practice.

All Levels