The Surya Gayatri Mantra is one of the most important and powerful Vedic mantras. For ages yogis have used it's sublime energy to realize their material and spiritual aspirations. Also known as the Vedmata or Savitri the Goddess Gayatri and the power of the Gayatri has been invoked for thousands of years.

In Saivite texts, Gayatri is identified as the consort of Shiva in his highest form of Sadashiva with five heads and ten hands. Gayatri is often associated with Savitri, the solar deity of the Vedas.

Join us we explore the Gayatri from all directions: Spiritual, devotional, mystical and practical.

See what the power of the Gayatri can do for you!

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Durga Devi & Shiva Das are the caretakers of House of Yoga located in Berkley Michigan.

They have maintain a regular yoga practice for over 15 years consisting of asana, pranayama, Japa, puja & meditation. They draw their practice from their teachers Russill Paul, Naren, Bhagavan Das & others.

In the summer of 2019 they spent a month in nature camping and doing Gayatri Puja, Japa, meditation daily.

Durga Devi & Shiva Das have much experience to share with you and approach their spiritual path in a very devotional yet pragmatic way.

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