Each Friday join us for a special offering.

1st Friday: Yoga Nidra led by Hanuman Das.

This is a guided deep relaxation accompanied by live music

2nd Friday: Satsang with Durga Devi

Prayers, mantra and uplifting stories and discussion.

3rd Friday: Kirtan with Vishnu Blue

Chant the names of the divine as we come together and open our hearts.

4th Friday: Mystic Circle Satsang with Shiva Das

Get into the mystic and experience the divine in your life.

Donation: $20/mo

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Deep Guided Relaxation
with live music

led by Hanuman Das

with live music by Shiva Das + Durga Devi

Mantra + Uplifting Discussion

with Durga Devi

Kirtan: Call and Response Chanting of the name

with Shiva Das, Durga Devi and

Welcome to the Mystic Circle

come on in, sit down, light a stick of Nag Champa, turn the black lights on!

Let Shiva Das guide you into the mystic with Meditation, Mantra & Other Joys!

Your Guide into the Mystic: Shiva Das