Each Friday join us for a special offering.

Yoga Nidra on the First Friday of each month led by Hanuman Das.

This is a guided relaxation and accompanied by live music from Shiva Das + Durga Devi

Satsang with Durga Devi on the Second Friday of each month. Satsang includes prayers, mantra and discussion.

Kirtan with Vishnu Blue the third Friday of each month.

Chant the names of the divine with us as we come together and open our hearts.

Mystic Circle Satsang with Shiva Das the 4th Friday of each month.

Get into the mystic and experience this divine life.

All this for $20/mo {$5 per event}

Stay Connected

Stay Healthy

Stay Sane


Stay on the Path

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Deep Guided Relaxation
with live music

led by Hanuman Das

with live music by Shiva Das + Durga Devi

Mantra + Uplifting Discussion

with Durga Devi

Kirtan: Call and Response Chanting of the name

with Shiva Das, Durga Devi and

Welcome to the Mystic Circle

come on in, sit down, light a stick of Nag Champa, turn the black lights on!

Let Shiva Das guide you into the mystic with Meditation, Mantra & Other Joys!

Your Guide into the Mystic: Shiva Das