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Here is a list of our current free events:

Monthly Gayatri Puja & Meditation Sunday January 3rd, 7:30AM

The first Sunday of each month, beginning at 7:30am we offer a Sun ritual called as Gayatri Puja. Gayatri Puja is an opportunity for you to come together to celebrate the slow return of light in our lives during these long, cold and dark days and nights. Underneath, buried in the dark, life is blooming and it will emerge again within us. All are welcome to join us! Allow yourself to be in the stream of the chants, mantras and prayers. We will do Gayatri Japa (reciting the powerful Gayatri Mantra 108 times together), we will sit together for a short meditation & as is our custom, we will conclude with the beautiful Hanuman Chalisa. Chanting the Chalisa is said to give one blessings and even listening has an effect on us physically, emotionally and energetically.

password: soul2021